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In our manufacturing process, the cutting of the materials from which the benches are made is an extremely important step, which we carry out using dedicated machines and tools.

How do we take care of the perfect cutting of materials?

We use various machines such as guillotine, shears, band saws and circular saws for the cutter, depending on the type and thickness of the material.

Guillotine cutting


The guillotine is a machine that enables materials to be cut precisely into rectangular or square shapes. Thanks to it, we reduce production time, achieving high cutting accuracy. The uniform dimensions of the components, ensured by the guillotine, are key to the aesthetics and functionality of the benches, guaranteeing their solid construction. Thanks to this machine-cutting of materials, we achieve consistency and balance in production, resulting in the high quality of our products.

Shear cutting


Shears are extremely useful for cutting materials of smaller thicknesses and more complex shapes. They allow us to cut different types of materials precisely and without additional machining, which speeds up the production process considerably. The shears allow us to achieve the desired dimensions and shapes of components without the need for other machines or tools. They are indispensable when creating complex designs or details that require precision and delicacy when cutting. Their use allows us to reduce production time while ensuring high quality and accuracy in cutting materials.

Band or circular saw cutting


Band saws and miter saws are indispensable when cutting thicker materials such as wood or metal. They allow us to cut these more difficult materials accurately and efficiently, creating parts with exact dimensions and the right shapes. Band saws are ideal for cutting long lengths of material, while circular miter saws allow for precise cutting in a variety of angles and shapes. With these advanced tools, we can effectively reshape thicker materials while maintaining a high quality and accurate cut.

Fast cutting is our strength


By using dedicated material cutting machines, we achieve many benefits for our production. First and foremost, we reduce production time, which leads to increased overall productivity and allows us to deliver products faster to customers. Precision cutting ensures high quality and accuracy of components, which is crucial for their subsequent assembly and function. Aligned and perfectly fitting components translate into an easier and more efficient assembly process, as well as the robustness and durability of the final products. In addition, the use of dedicated cutting machines allows us to avoid the need for additional machining, significantly reducing costs and saving time. We eliminate unnecessary steps and adjustments, leading to a more efficient and cost-effective production process. These benefits enable us to deliver high quality products that meet our customers’ expectations.

Quality and aesthetics

As a result, our benches are made with precision and robustness, meeting high quality standards. Thanks to the precise cutting of the materials, we can deliver benches that are ready to use without further adjustments or processing, which is important for our customers, providing them with a complete product of high quality and aesthetics.


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