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Bending and rolling materials offers many benefits. Firstly, it eliminates the need for welding, which reduces the risk of weak joints and increases the strength of components. Secondly, bending allows the creation of complex shapes that are difficult to achieve with other machining methods. In addition, the process can be more cost-effective, as some components can be produced in a single step, without the need to join them from multiple parts.

Thanks to our advanced technologies and experience, we are able to meet the diverse needs of our customers by providing high quality, precision bent components.

Our company’s bending process

At our company, we specialise in the processing of various materials, including the bending of tubes, flat bars and sheet metal. By using advanced mandrel tube bending machines, we are able to accurately bend tubes without the risk of distortion. This mandrel bending process is crucial to maintaining the excellent quality and aesthetics of the final product.

Tube bending


Tube bending is a process in which tubes of a specific shape and size are deformed to achieve the desired shape and bending angle. The tube bending process allows tubes to be tailored to specific design and functional requirements, and allows precise bending angles and shapes to be achieved, which is important for many applications.

Our bending capabilities are not limited to tubes. Flat bars and sheets are also bent and rolled, and we use presses and rolling machines to do this. Thanks to these specialised equipment, we are able to shape a variety of components with complex forms without having to join them by welding. This process enables us to create precise and durable components that meet high quality standards.

Flat bar bending


Powder coating offers a wide choice of colours, textures and effects, giving you the opportunity to achieve an attractive and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Matt, gloss, metallic, textures, pearl effects and more can be achieved. This allows you to tailor the finish to your specific aesthetic and design requirements.

Sheet metal bending


Sheet bending is the process of deforming flat, thin metal sheets to obtain the desired shape and bending angle. Sheets are flexible materials that can be bent without permanently distorting their structure.


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